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S David Noll

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Lenka Lemura Vychodilová & David Noll Karlín, Kamina Boat Lenka Lemura Vychodilová & David Noll
David Vávra & David Noll Nová Paka, Novopacké sklepy David Vávra & David Noll

Über David Noll

He studied composition and arranging with Prof. Harry Macourek at the Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek. Is a long-time member and pianist of the theatre cellar, cooperates with many bands and soloists (eg. Lenka Vychodilová, Barbarian Unplugged). He composed music for many theatre performances (Theatre cellar, Vinohrady Theatre in Prague, the national Moravian-Silesian Theatre, Studio Ypsilon, ÚLD, Chinese Lantern) and dozens of songs for pop music artists and bands (h. Zagorová, m. Elton John, k. Střihavka, z. Michnová, Marsyas in &. Martin, p. Jíšová, white disease, etc.). Plays, sings, her, produces, records and produces music projects (CD t. Hanák, m. Reifová-songs for children, Performances of the theatre Cellar). Occasionally dedicated to notografii (piano songbooks, elevators), and solo singing. – Translated by Automatic service

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