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Zeitgenössische Kunst Tschechien
S Dominik Lang

Über Dominik Lang

Dominik Lang (born 1980, Prague) is based on the monitoring of their immediate surroundings, which complements and modifies through installations and events. The specific source of inspiration always share an interest in the presentation and logic of the process. She notices how things are made​​, whether the purchase is folded in a plastic bag or a statue Stanislav Kolibal.

Unique on the Czech scene is Lang's interest in the practical aspects of gallery operation. His subtle interventions problematizes gallery space itself (cottage settlement, VAU!, 108.658245 m3), or break down the viewer's expectations gallery, as a neutral "showcases" on the Arts (Arbour Klamovka, Czech Republic). The artistic project We have done almost everything to change the exhibition addresses the process as the interplay of institutionalized roles (curator of the exhibition architect, theorist, etc.).

Lang's favorite places is also the parent of the Academy, which mystifikuje simple interventions (imaginary extension faculty using the new bins to the post office, installing a retarder into the gatehouse, or drying the clothes in the window, toilets). – Translated by Automatic service


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