Hostivařský lesopark

Hostivařský lesopark

Adresse Hornoměcholupská, Praha

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Beschreibung des Ortes

Known Hostivařský park, which together with Hostivařská dam important area for recreation and rest of the population surrounding area is part of the natural park Hostivař - Záběhlice.

Forest Park and the dam are yet very easily accessible by public transport, and it is used by virtually all inhabitants of Prague. In addition, the park territory is surrounded by dense housing estates. The largest park is causing problems just high traffic and proximity to settlements. The forest park acts as a powerful civilizing pressure, both direct development of forest land or buffer zone, such as the ever-increasing vandalism, which seeks not only to forest recreation facilities such as bins, benches and game elements, but also the young stands and culture.

Chapter represents the personal interests of individual private forest owners, who are seeking the exclusion of land from the park, a change in land use in terms of the development plan and to achieve a higher purchase price. – Translated by Automatic service


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