Jiří Stivín

Klassische Musik, Jazz Tschechien
S Jiří Stivín

Aktuelle Konzerte

Řevnice, Lesní divadlo Řevnice Filharmonie v lese 2023

Vergangene Konzerte

Jiří Stivín: 80 Praha 1, Rudolfinum Jiří Stivín: 80
Jíři Stivín 40+40 Prešov, Stromoradie Jíři Stivín 40+40
Klasika Viva: Jiří Stivín Český Brod, T. J. Sokol Český Brod Klasika Viva: Jiří Stivín
Kultura Š + H: Jiří Stivín & Václav Uhlíř Praha 4 – Šeberov, Sál V Ladech 10 Kultura Š + H: Jiří Stivín & Václav Uhlíř
Karel Hvížďala: Věta jako povolání Praha, Václav Havel Library Karel Hvížďala: Věta jako povolání
Jiří Stivín & Co. Praha 1, Agharta Jazz Centre Jiří Stivín & Co.


Jiří Stivín  Swinging Bach (live)  Jiří Stivín – Swinging Bach (live) 10:08 564 ×
Jiří Stivín  Nepůjdu domů (live)  Jiří Stivín – Nepůjdu domů (live) 5:00 228 ×

Über Jiří Stivín

George Stivín deals with the interpretation of pre-Classical music on the flute since 1975. He studied first at FAMU camera, but after graduation she began to devote exclusively to music. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London and composition at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Flute learned at Milan Munclinger (Ars Rediviva) and George War (Czech Philharmonic Orchestra). Stivín interprets medieval music, Renaissance and Baroque. Recorded concertos for flute (4 CD Vivaldi, Telemann). Controls all types of flutes and recorders. Besides music, been intensely devoted to jazz, improvisation and composing new music, the saxophone, clarinet, flute, recorder, flute is also used various folk and whistles. As a soloist, he collaborates with renowned orchestras, manage your own files and Collegium Quodlibet Stivin George and Co. Jazz Quartet performs in solo recitals with harpsichord, organ, guitar, or play alone and with a tape recorder.

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