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Souhra nehod + Lex Barker Praha 10-Vršovice, Café V lese Souhra nehod + Lex Barker
Abgesagt: Skyline + Lex Barker České Budějovice, Lannova loděnice Skyline + Lex Barker
Verschoben: Lex Barker (křest alba) + support: Dalekko Praha 1, Rock Café Lex Barker (křest alba) + support: Dalekko
Vltava Open 2018 Týn nad Vltavou, Nábřeží 5. května Vltava Open 2018
Pio Squad + Lex Barker České Budějovice 6, Music Bar Velbloud Pio Squad + Lex Barker


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Lex Barker  Tvoje džungle  0 5 4:12 2 ×
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Über Lex Barker

Českobudějovičtí Lex Barker comes with the combination of rap, sung choruses, Czech texts, hip-hop, rock and electronics. Live play drums in composition (Jan Kročák), bass (Richard Binder), guitar / vocals (Rudolf Schneedörfler) and together with Mc AGEMA creates a vibrant and unique music combining different genres. The band played their first gig in November 2012, in the spring of 2013, recorded their debut EP in the studio Biotech, under the direction of producer Ecson Waldes. During its brief existence was enough to play concerts with interesting names hip-hop scene (Rest & Dj Fatte / Oliver Lowe & Band / Bonus / Notes From Prague), also starred in the primetime one of the festival days, the Budweiser Majáles. In the summer of 2013, they were chosen music server bandzone.cz promo for the prestigious position of "tip of the week". – Translated by Automatic service


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