Myśląca ręka

Adresse ul. Radziwiłowska 3, Kraków
Tags Geschichte
Eintritt Frei
Webseite des Ortes www.domrzemiosl.pl

On December 15, the exhibition “How Thinking Theater” will be opened by Małgorzata Szydłowska, which brings closer to the fascinating and at the same time little-known viewers the world of coolies and theatrical studios. The viewers of the exhibition will find out how a complex organism is in theater and what is the process of creating performances. The exhibition will take place in the House of Theater Crafts, because this is the name of the building of the Słowacki Theater located at 3 Radziwiłłowska Street in Krakow. The House of Theater Crafts will be a place that will give respect to the masters of theatrical craft. It will bring closer the workshop of tailors, upholsterers, shoemakers, hairstyles, hairdressers, dressmakers, explain the work of train drivers, electricians and acoustics, inspectors, dressmakers and props.

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