Odvaz – Divadlo improvizace

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S Odvaz – Divadlo improvizace

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Ostrava, Etáž Absolventské představení kurzů divadla Odvaz
Ostrava, Etáž Dva jsou víc než jeden
Ostrava, Etáž Improshow: Režisér
Ostrava, Etáž Valentýnská improshow
Ostrava, Etáž Vesnická improšó

Über Odvaz – Divadlo improvizace

History of theatre improvisation Workout dates back to 2003, when a group of enthusiasts and passionate players decided to base the improvisational group of blackberries, which are based on the rules and principles of the Czech improvisation League. During the following years took place Blackberries hundreds of performances throughout the Czech Republic and have earned many fans not only in his native Ostrava.

In 2013, the Group turned into a theatre of WILD Blackberries, which takes even more professional theatre improvisation, and that their performances in the regular is sellin' out different areas mainly in Ostrava. – Translated by Automatic service


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