Petr Písařík

Zeitgenössische Kunst, Installation, Malerei Tschechien
S Petr Písařík

Vergangene Ausstellungen

Jiná malba Praha 2, Gallery Nová Jiná malba
Petr Písařík: The Name of the Skin, 2018 Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, PLATO Bauhaus Petr Písařík: The Name of the Skin, 2018
Exhibition Opening: Peacemaker Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, PLATO Bauhaus Exhibition Opening: Peacemaker

Über Petr Písařík

Písařík’s paintings and 3D objects draw on the act of breaking a certain whole. This is a stream of continuous shape and thought transformations that is particular to popular and mass-scale products. From this unstable course of events the eye can capture only certain fragments, incomplete messages to which it attaches associations and recollections. The view slides across objects‘ surfaces, stopping sometimes at symbolic structures, interesting shapes. It is bedazzled by flashes. Písařík has also often reflected on the world of fashion and design, which spoke to him through its details (brands, logos). Now he focuses rather on fleeting impressions, which have their influence mainly in the areas of light and colour. Both however correspond to the fluid character of contemporary visual experiences. The view is fed by mass-media images and urban spectacles. The details of this stream analyse, cuts run through them. The impressive trembling perceives the transforming visual show as a flash of the moment: a sudden bedazzlement. Písařík’s objects are also typified by their unstable composition, their fragmented and temporary nature. We perceive in them the potential presence of a breakdown and possible variability. The artist’s works have no clear meaning. The destruction of meaning is also one of their important strategies. They are sort of spatial jewels, deceptive and directed only to the outside.

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