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S Sarius

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Warszawa, Progresja Hip Hop Festival Warszawa 2021

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Rap Stage Fest: Rusina + Zeamsone + more Katowice, P23 Katowice Rap Stage Fest: Rusina + Zeamsone + more
Rap Stage Fest: Asster + Kabe + more Poznań, Klub Muzyczny B17 Rap Stage Fest: Asster + Kabe + more
Sarius + Shimmy + BLS Piła, Wyspiarz Sarius + Shimmy + BLS
Sun Festival 2022 Kołobrzeg, Lotnisko Kołobrzeg-Bagicz Sun Festival 2022
Sarius Warszawa, Strefa Jelenia Sarius
Rap Stacja 2021 Sława, Sławskie Centrum Kultury i Wypoczynku Rap Stacja 2021


Sarius  Adam Sławny  Sarius – Adam Sławny 3:53 0 ×
Sarius  Stado  Sarius – Stado 3:34 0 ×
Sarius  Joker  Sarius – Joker 2:59 0 ×
Sarius  Twój stary to Sarius  Sarius – Twój stary to Sarius 3:52 26 ×
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Über Sarius

He has a strong and distinctive style. The energy is spread out, but not the one that emanates on people's computer monitors, but the healthy one that allowed him to train and run for junior boxing. When it comes to hip-hop, the first fight and the first professional career victory has already passed - the album met with recognition of the listeners. Enthusiastic evaluations were accompanied by the surprise of Sarius's hidden talent so far.


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