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Tides Of Sulfur  Extinction Curse  Tides Of Sulfur – Extinction Curse 12:26 0 ×
Tides Of Sulfur  Eternal Bleeding  Tides Of Sulfur – Eternal Bleeding 6:36 0 ×
Tides Of Sulfur  Lord of Flies  Tides Of Sulfur – Lord of Flies 3:01 0 ×
Tides Of Sulfur  Grimace  Tides Of Sulfur – Grimace 5:17 0 ×
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Über Tides Of Sulfur

Tides Of Sulfur is a three-man team from England playing a mix of sludge and death metal. They have released a couple of demos, splits and other such, and a large album released in 2016 in English Black Bow Records, which is governed by the Conan guys. They played countless shows.


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