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Totální Nasazení  Nezapomeneme  Totální Nasazení – Nezapomeneme 3:57 445 ×
Totální Nasazení  Mistr Pohádkář  Totální Nasazení – Mistr Pohádkář 2:28 240 ×
Totální Nasazení  Samowar  Totální Nasazení – Samowar 2:45 103 ×
Totální Nasazení  Don Quijote De La Ganja  Totální Nasazení – Don Quijote De La Ganja 2:45 98 ×
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Total commitment is a Czech punk-rock band who in 1990 founded the bassist and singer Sváťa cockroach with his classmates at Slansky Gymnasium. Gradually formed and the first demos, and when in 1995 the debut CD "Shadow Play" Total commitment ceases to be a regional band and started to perform across the country. The band record four more albums, which have great success, a number of concerts further rises up to an average of 90 playing for a year.

The band is subsequently requested, performs like hell, shooting several clips and eighteen years after the celebration varies original drummer when the group comes Franky. Total commitment in the coming years releasing their concert DVD, another row, the selection and live albums, clips and spins undergo several successful tours and festival seasons.

At the end of 2013 opened up the file leaves for family reasons guitarist PP Loon, who was not a founding member, but was in the band for over twenty years. In his place was filled with new member Karloss, which has as a guitarist and vocalist also has extensive experience of working in several well-known punk-rock ensembles. The group plays in the composition of the Saints - bass, vocals, Karloss - guitar, vocals and Franky - drums. – Translated by Automatic service

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