Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

Hip-Hop, Trap, Witch House USA www.wiccaphase.limitedrun.com
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Wicca Phase Springs Eternal + support: Lil Zubin Praha 1, Chapeau Rouge Wicca Phase Springs Eternal + support: Lil Zubin
Gothboiclique Praha 5, Underdogs’ Ballroom Gothboiclique
Wicca Phase Warszawa, Chmury Wicca Phase


Wicca Phase Springs Eternal  Corinthiax  Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – Corinthiax 2:40 45 ×
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal  My heart won't stfu  Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – My heart won't stfu 2:28 23 ×
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal  Stop Torturing Me  Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – Stop Torturing Me 14:57 4 ×
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal  She doesn't believe in thelema  Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – She doesn't believe in thelema 5:11 1 ×
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Über Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

Wicca Phase is really called Adam Mcllwee and comes from Pennsylvania. The artist follows a unique musical path, through experimenting with various genres and drawing inspiration from many sources, as well as numerous collaborations, pointing out new directions in the underground. Mcllowee’s instinct for musical innovation can be found in the days of Tigers Jaw – the band from which he left 2013 to start a new chapter in his career. Shaping the unique Wicca Phase sound began with a series of songs released online that combined candid Nickwriting songwriting with hip-hop beat. This non-obvious mix of dark electronics, gangways and alternatives constitute the Wicca Phase style.


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