A dance trip around the world

Address ul. Złota 9, Warszawa
Entry PLN 59–69
Event website www.palladium.pl…
Venue's website www.palladium.pl
Length 60 min

A 60-minute dance and educational performance.

One day, during the warm-up in the dance hall, a fierce discussion and dispute takes place. This is no ordinary quarrel, but a dance battle. You will probably ask: Why and what for? The eternal question “To be or not to be”, which dance is the most important: ballet or hip hop? Or maybe? In order to clarify this dispute once and for all, the dance teacher decides to take the main characters on a long journey, during which they will discover the most famous dances, music and culture of various corners of the world.

For a start, they will travel to Russia and visit France, where the most dazzling hit of the dance floor reigns – you will be able to enjoy the dance that Paris is famous for. Afterwards, you can travel to hot Spain, Argentina and the USA. Visit the beaches of the island of Haiti with the Hula dance, visit mysterious Japan and India, where you will learn more about Eastern culture. Then the Afro will be danced and the journey will end in a surprising way. One thing is certain – good fun, captivating music, colourful costumes and an overall good ride. It will also be a unique music lesson, learning about distant cultures and express dance lessons. It is worth preparing for the journey by wearing comfortable shoes, airy clothes and maybe a friend.

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