Crispy Flow

Reggae, Rock Czechia
S Crispy Flow


Crispy Flow  Záhadná Barva  0 5 3:31 62 ×
Crispy Flow  Crazy Heart  0 5 3:39 222 ×
Crispy Flow  Burnin (live)  0 5 4:08 40 ×

About Crispy Flow

The band Crispy Flow is a group that combines with his work in many styles, especially ska, rock'n'roll, reggae, but also is not afraid to tackle some harder rock.

The current band got together in the first half of the year. Band after the initial wild musical development began playing their own songs influenced musical patterns from Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff and over AGGROLITES The Prague Ska Conspiracy to Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Doors, and played many successful concerts.

Unusual lyrics, guitar playing not only for the second time, melodic vocals, groovy bass drums, keyboards, along the lines of The Doors and Deep Purple, saxophone riffs with classical skáčkovými and cello solos filling the remaining space all this and more is Crispy Flow. – Translated by Automatic service

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