Czarno-biały świat: Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898), angielska dekadencja

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Takes place during Czarno-biały świat

The first from a series of six lectures by the Art Transfer Foundation, devoted to the drawing and graphic works of artists who became virtuosos of the black line.

From childhood he was aware that his life would not be long; he died of tuberculosis at the age of 25. He had an inner compulsion to draw, tirelessly filling pages with intricate arabesques of black and white drawings with which he shocked and delighted late Victorian London. His contemporaries could not forgive his friendship with Oscar Wild. His works, full of eroticism and humour, not shying away from the grotesque, striking and at the same time insanely elegant, won him admirers all over the world. The 1890s became known in the history of English art as the "Beardsley period".

Lecturer: Ewa Szachowska – art therapist, coordinator and author of educational projects and a long-term associate of the Art Transfer Foundation (since 2013).  She collaborates with the Museum of Modern Art on the Vistula River in the project Mature Wonderful. Conducts workshops, guided tours, lectures and various educational activities using the medium of art, dedicated mainly to adults, especially seniors, but also to people with disabilities and children. She is passionate about art history - both by education and by avocation. She deals with education through art and art therapy both from the conceptual and workshop side. She also conducts workshops and works as a guide in the Botanical Garden at the University of Warsaw.

Talk in Polish.

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