Da Vinci Multi-Sensory Exhibition

Address Plac Defilad 1, Warszawa
Entry PLN 0–165
Event website www.wystawadavinci.pl
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Multimedia exhibition devoted to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

An exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest works and inventions will be held in the Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw. This multisensory exhibition was created through the collaboration of art historians, multimedia artists and sound engineers. It presents a rich insight into art, science, technology and da Vinci’s fascination with nature. It is an exciting experience that creates a complete portrait of Leonardo’s work through innovative immersion technology (Digital Art 360). In previous editions, the exhibition was hosted in Florence, Milan, Beijing, Shanghai, Canada and the USA becoming the most visited multisensory exhibition about da Vinci in the world. Now, thanks to the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the master’s death, it has become part of a worldwide programme dedicated to his memory.

In the Palace of Culture and Science, huge screens, columns and ceilings will show the penetrating power of numerous masterpieces born of Leonardo da Vinci’s great talent. The multimedia images will be enhanced by carefully selected visual effects, spatial sound, narration and atmospheric music. The works presented will range from notes, sketches, sculptures to paintings such as The Last Supper, The Lady with an Ermine, Madonna Benois, Madonna in the Grotto or the famous painting Mona Lisa - one of the most enigmatic paintings of all time. By combining contemporary Digital Art 360 technology together with art, unique details from the works will come alive before the eyes of the audience. It will be possible to see in detail and understand that even 5 centuries after his death this brilliant creator, scientist, artist and inventor still manages to surprise.

The first part of the exhibition will present a collection of more than 60 exhibits, da Vinci’s inventions, machines and devices, built according to original designs and materials, which later became objects of common use and are still serving mankind today. Although da Vinci lived so long ago, his genius, creativity and unique approach continues to inspire and shape the future. He was interested in virtually all areas of life, from the study of anatomy and human proportions – brilliantly represented by the Vitruvian man, to those concerning flying, astronomy, gravity, architecture, mechanics, botany, geology, military engineering or costume design.

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