Diomede + Jan Młynarski

Venue CH25
Address Chłodna 25, Warszawa
Tags Jazz, Contemporary folk, Improvised
Venue's website www.klubchlodna25.pl

Tomasz Markanicz and Grzegorz Tarwid have been playing together for 10 years, but only recently have they recorded the material for their debut album. Registered at Monochrom Studio, Diomede's music is a resultant of joint, experiences, and above all, two different visions per art. The simplicity of melody and harmony, as well as the inspiration of broadly understood improvised music, are combined with the jazz canon and folk motifs. The idea of ​​the duo's music is to achieve unity with the listeners, detachment from the gray reality and allow the recipient to make a long journey into themselves. Together with the musicians of Diomede will perform Jan Młynarski - drummer, producer, backyard singer, one of the most versatile Polish musicians. A graduate of the prestigious Drummers Collective School in New York.

Performing artists

Jazz, Contemporary folk, Improvised
Jazz, Experimental, Traditional folk, Contemporary folk, Free Improv, Warsaw City Folk, Free Jazz, Poezja śpiewana


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