Divadlo Bravo!

Divadlo Bravo!

Address Branická 63, Praha 4

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The Loser(s)
Contemporary circus,
The Loser(s)
Contemporary circus,
Kolja Huneck: CM_30
Contemporary circus,
Contemporary dance,
obnaŽENA + diskuze s hostem
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Venue description

The building located in Braník has a rich history associated with motion theatre. In the 1980s there was a strong creative community of professional and half-professional companies and artists, focusing on pantomime and motion theatre. Thanks to the non-verbal repertoire, the community managed to escape the censorship of the Communist power to a considerable extent. Thus, the Braník Theatre was rather a free base for small theatre movement, folk singers, and emerging bands.

Losers continue to play this game and they have been planning to provide space to contemporary circus, nonverbal theatre, pantomime, and unplugged concerts. The theatre management has also invited the Department of Nonverbal Theatre at HAMU to cooperate in the production and presentation of their students.

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