Dominik Gajarský

Photography, Screening, Installations, New media, Digitální obraz Czechia
S Dominik Gajarský

Past exhibitions

Dominik Gajarský: Exot Praha 7, Studio Hrdinů Dominik Gajarský: Exot
Dominik Gajarský – Planaria Praha, Academy of Fine Arts Dominik Gajarský – Planaria
Dominik Gajarský: Lyrics Praha 8, Karlin Studios Dominik Gajarský: Lyrics

About Dominik Gajarský

Dominik Gajarský belongs to the youngest generation working on the contemporary Czech art scene. His work is not strictly anchored in one technological medium and he has managed to create a highly individual expressive language in terms of both form and content. The form of his works revolves around black-and-white images that allude to the discourse of modernist photography. In a subjective way that nevertheless references history he charts events of the cultural past. However, the results are not simply research outputs but form the structure for the creation of visual relationships.


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