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Experimental Zone

Address Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, Warszawa
Entry PLN 21–35
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The Experimentation Zone is Copernicus' central exhibition, located in the vast, open space of the second floor. It is devoted to nature and the phenomena occurring in it, and man and his perception of the physical world. You can independently experiment with about 200 experimental stations. The exhibits that can be found here are not only challenging and educational, but also accessible and engaging. They allow you to explore, test and make mistakes. With the utmost precision, they present natural phenomena that can be discovered and explored through interaction. Each exhibit provides new stimuli and at the same time knowledge which can be referred to at the next station. Groups of exhibits present a given phenomenon from many sides, which contributes to better remembering and understanding complex processes. In the section dedicated to man and nature, the visitor to the exhibition himself becomes the subject of surprising experiments. He can check how his senses and skills allow him to perceive, interpret and describe the world. He can test the possibilities of his own body, sensitivity to light, perception of colors, susceptibility to illusions. He will find out what it feels like to lie on a “fakir bed” and whether he is able to drive a car after drinking alcohol. He will also learn what the cross section of a sequoia tree trunk looks like. He will have the opportunity to observe living organisms and the changes they undergo. You will see photosynthesis with your own eyes, look at centipedes and growing fungi. In the section focusing on physical phenomena you will find exhibits related to waves, electricity, fluids or chaotic phenomena.

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