Identity by Repetition

Address Wilhelmstraße 140, Berlin
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Marie Rief works with analog photographic paper, drawings, laser printing and copying. Her works illustrate the existence and errors of objects - objects are called into question through continuous copying: What is original, what is copy, how do we perceive transformation processes? Her visually powerful works, which create a new identity, a new reality through constant repetition, can be seen in the exhibition "Identity by repetition" at the Willy Brandt House from Sept. 15 - Nov. 27.

For her series, which combine laser printing and photographic paper, she has printer cartridges, for example, printed until the paper remains completely white. Printed transparent papers are her negatives, from which analog prints are made on photographic paper.

Marie Rief was born in Berlin in 1987 and studied fine arts at the Berlin University of the Arts. During this time she developed her experimental and conceptual work with photographic material, drawing and copying.

Marie Rief's works in the exhibition allude to the importance of randomness in the machine printing process. The photographic works document the progression of the cartridge's exhaustion - as well as the assembly line-like, repetitive working off of prints in the darkroom. In the course of the series, the viewer can no longer grasp the object that stood at the beginning of the duplication. The habitual, learned perception searches for connections and thus creates a new reality, a new identity through repetition.

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