Iron Reagan

Hardcore, Punk, Metal USA
S Iron Reagan

Past concerts

Brutal Assault 2019 Jaroměř, Josefov Fortress Brutal Assault 2019
Rebellion Tour 8 Berlin, SO36 Rebellion Tour 8
Mighty Sounds 2018 Tábor, Čápův dvůr Mighty Sounds 2018
Iron Reagan + Implore + Faul Techniczny Warszawa, Hydrozagadka Iron Reagan + Implore + Faul Techniczny
Mighty Sounds 2015 Tábor, Čápův dvůr Mighty Sounds 2015


Iron Reagan  Bleed The Fifth  0 5 3:42 8 ×
Iron Reagan  Miserable Failure  0 5 3:00 35 ×
Iron Reagan  Worse Than Dead (Full Album)  0 5 24:49 11 ×
Iron Reagan  I Won't Go  0 5 1:43 8 ×
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About Iron Reagan

Iron Reagan is one of the craziest bands that gave birth to the HP-punk scene. Amazing trashcore riffs, creative lyrics and a very laid-back scenic climate caused that from the first concerts they gained a loyal group of fans. Charismatic Tony Foresta is able to kidnap everyone into acute madness and whoever has seen concerts of Iron Reagan or Municipal Waste knows that this guy is an absolute top.


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