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United Islands 2013 Praha 6, Ladronka Park United Islands 2013


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About J'ali Ensemble

Five excellent musicians J'ali Ensemble offers a unique mix of African and Jewish music. Based compositions Eran Katse multicultural singing his lyrics in Hebrew, English and African dialects. Debut album Live J'ali brought the band to the forefront of original music in Israel and in the world music festivals in many other countries. All members (except the leader, composer, singer and guitarist Eran Katse also Bassist Ilan Kenan, Dor Assaraf saxophonist, percussionist and drummer Kachka Shahar Dor Kelman) have had a number of other projects, it is a very experienced musicians. In addition, all characterized by wide-ranging music he's ever played and loved. The result of all these influences is the original model J'ali Music Ensemble. – Translated by Automatic service

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