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Techno, Electronic, Experimental, Tech house Faroe Islands www.janusrasmussen.net
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Past events

Janus Rasmussen Praha 7, Cross Club Janus Rasmussen
55 hours nonstop: Janus Rasmussen + Mona Moore + more Berlin, Kater Blau 55 hours nonstop: Janus Rasmussen + Mona Moore + more
Festival Spectaculare 2021 Praha, Prague – various venues Festival Spectaculare 2021
Janus Rasmussen + Adam Passon + Kemot Poznań, Tama Janus Rasmussen + Adam Passon + Kemot
Janus Rasmussen + Kovvalsky + Kemot + more Kraków, Szpitalna 1 Janus Rasmussen + Kovvalsky + Kemot + more
Aparde + Janus Rasmussen Praha 3-Žižkov, Palac Akropolis Aparde + Janus Rasmussen


Janus Rasmussen  Lilla  0 5 5:24 116 ×
Janus Rasmussen  Green Wine  0 5 4:00 56 ×
Janus Rasmussen  Pliant  0 5 5:37 7 ×
Janus Rasmussen  Wisp  0 5 6:40 3 ×

About Janus Rasmussen

Janus Rasmussen turned to music as a creative outlet early on. Growing up on the remote Faroe Islands, he would listen to every single record he could get his hands on to study and determine his preferred genre. Soon enough, he was learning how to play the guitar and crafting his own sound and style through electronic music. Today, Rasmussen works alongside acclaimed pianist and producer Ólafur Arnalds as one half of the duo Kiasmos, with whom he has toured extensively performing at some of the most esteemed festivals around the world. He is also one of the masterminds behind the electro-pop outfit Bloodgroup. His first solo debut album is Vín, released in March 2019. Vín, released via Löffler’s Ki Records, was recorded in Rasmussen’s Reykjavik studio and luminously explores new sound worlds within the realm of experimental minimal techno. Although drawing on his experience and influences with Kiasmos, Rasmussen’s solo album Vín pushes the boundaries of the sound the artist has become initially known for with raw-sounding downtempo tracks.


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