Jelení Loje

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Past concerts

Jelení Loje Praha 6, Potrvá Jelení Loje
Fortel + Jelení Loje Plzeň, Moving Station Fortel + Jelení Loje


Jelení Loje  Lollipop  0 5 2:23 458 ×
Jelení Loje  Simpsonovi  0 5 1:40 276 ×
Jelení Loje  Spermie  0 5 2:55 299 ×

About Jelení Loje

A most charming ladies’ choir with background. 5 does and a deer bring songs that are wild and tame. Jelení loje is a band with a most spontaneous experience and offers a unique combination of energy, vocals and dancing that absorbs much faster than other artists. The lovely jazz tones cure all wrinkled souls and fill the veins with hilarious merriment.

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