Kobra And The Lotus

Metal, Heavy Metal Canada
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Kobra And The Lotus  Soldier  0 5 4:37 10 ×
Kobra And The Lotus  50 Shades Of Evil  0 5 3:31 5 ×
Kobra And The Lotus  Forever One  0 5 3:46 3 ×
Kobra And The Lotus  Welcome To My Funeral  0 5 4:06 1 ×
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About Kobra And The Lotus

Kobra and the Lotus is a female fronted classic heavy metal band from Canada, featuring Brittany Paige from the 2010 Metal Hammer "Maidens of Metal" Calendar. Voted one of the top 10 bands to see at 2010 Canadian Music Week. Debut CD "Out of the Pit" produced by Kevin Shirley released March 2010 in Canada and September 27, 2010 in the UK.


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