Królowa Śniegu

Address ul. Starowiślna 21, Kraków
Tags Fairy tale
Entry 30 PLN
Venue's website
Length 65 min

A boy has gone missing – a good, kind colleague from the neighbourhood. Someone saw him carelessly playing in the snow, someone else in the sleigh of a stranger with an icy cold, unapproachable look. Perhaps it was she who had abducted him in an unknown direction? Gerda, unable to come to terms with the loss of her closest friend, decides to find Kaj at any cost. Little does she know that this search will turn into a long and exhausting journey during which she will learn about joy and suffering, hope and longing. In these adventures she is supported by her new, friendly friends: Otter, Crow and Reindeer. Thanks to their help she will find the lost boy, but will she be able to melt the ice of his heart frozen by an evil spell?

This adaptation of Andersen's classic tale introduces children to the fairy-tale world of princesses and robbers, animals speaking with a human voice. It is a touching but also funny story about the constant fight between good and evil, about the power of friendship, loyalty and sacrifice. It is a performance with a colourful form and noble message prepared especially for the youngest audience.

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