Loveage: Autumn Retreat

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Venue Ze Mě
Address Na Louži 7, Praha
Entry CZK 150–750
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Keeping Warm, Preparing to be Still

Autumn is a gentle but deep season, a time of transition and letting go. The sap slows down and draws deeper. As the trees go bare and days get colder, shorter and darker creatures must learn to stay warm as they prepare to become stiller in the coming winter months. While summer provided them with direct loving warmth from the more present sun, autumn asks them to take on a little bit of the responsibility of staying warm themselves.

The second Loveage half day retreat will focus on this time of transition, plants that can aid in keeping warm while providing thoughtful support for human bodies as they gently help their bodies come to terms with this seasonal change. Participants will mix and taste a special tea blend and acquaint ourselves with new plant friends while applying nourishing self-touch. Then the participants will move through a soft, tenderly warming vinyasa together. Exploring asanas, movements and pranayama that stimulate the kidneys and thyroid gland to assure everything is working in harmony for the upcoming hard winter months.

Once again, our half day retreat will end with a special concert to extend the bliss and bring the audience all together in a bubble of sonic exaltation. Ema is the voice and cofounder of the band Khoiba. For Ema, expressing herself through music and song is an extremely intimate experience “inseparable from our finest essences”. Ema also teaches singing, although sometimes her classes may seem more like therapy. That should come as no surprise though, since she has five years of training in family therapy.

Loveage are Tereza (she/they) and Ewelina (she). Loveage’s aim is to create safer spaces for practicing healing and joy through yoga, movement & ritual, plant connection and creating transient communities for all beings.

Performing artists

Ema Brabcová

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