Maja Kitajewska: Glassy Light, Glassy Days

Address ul. Wspólna 53, Warszawa
Entry Free
Curator Stach Szabłowski

Maja Kitajewska’s art is above all a question of touch, shine and time. Sparkle is the light refracted on thousands of shiny glass beads. Time is needed to sew them onto the surface of the painting. To grow flowers out of them. To build a rifle out of glass molecules. To weave them into a second skin.

Ornament is a crime!" - Adolf Loos’s words, uttered at the beginning of the 20th century, still echo through the world of aesthetics. Beads, beads, sequins are used to beautify the body, clothes, objects. If you sew them onto a painting, will they decorate it? Is it allowed to beautify paintings? Is Maja Kitajewska committing a crime? Let us rather say that the artist deals with multidimensional accumulation. She accumulates beads in post-painting, glass surfaces, fabrics, and even structures that detach from the sub-image and become objects, flowers, vessels, and even – why not? - parts of the body, skin, hands, mouth, heart. It piles up time, hours and days, spent on precise, patient work that is systematic creation. It condenses the energy needed to do this work. The objects of accumulation are also the colour and shine of thousands of glass elements subordinated to the artist’s imagination. Thus, each work by Maja Kitajewska is a composition and a representation, and each is at the same time a reservoir of touch, time, energy and light – a resource which the artist condenses and releases when another person’s gaze falls upon it.

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