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Upcoming concerts

Brno, Cabinet of the Muses Messa
Bratislava – Nové mesto, Nová Cvernovka Explore: Messa + Besna
Jaroměř, Josefov Fortress Brutal Assault 2023

Past concerts

Messa + Wyatt E. + Moonstone Kraków, Alchemia Messa + Wyatt E. + Moonstone
Messa + Wyatt E. Warszawa, Hydrozagadka Messa + Wyatt E.
Messa + Wyatt E. Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly Messa + Wyatt E.
Primitive Man + support: Messa + more Berlin, Urban Spree Primitive Man + support: Messa + more
Sabbath Assembly + Messa Berlin, Kantine am Berghain Sabbath Assembly + Messa
Into the Abyss Festival 2019 Wrocław, Zaklęte Rewiry Into the Abyss Festival 2019


Messa  Pilgrim  Messa – Pilgrim 7:26 24 ×
Messa  Babalon  Messa – Babalon 6:41 45 ×
Messa  Blood  Messa – Blood 10:26 12 ×

About Messa

Messa was formed in 2014, and the figure in the band that particularly focuses attention is talented vocalist Sara Bianchin. The Italians' music has racy doom metal as its foundation. But like many a beautiful and majestic Italian cathedral, it also has a lot of stylistic ornaments. Messa does not shy away from ambient, it also reaches for drones, twisted patents from the jazz area, old-school guitar rock smelling of the 70s. The musicians like films, they also like illustrative, film music and they express this in their pieces.

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