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Past concerts

Žižkovská noc 2023 Praha, Prague – various venues Žižkovská noc 2023
Festival malých pivovarů 2022 Praha 6, Victory Square – Kulaťák Festival malých pivovarů 2022
Mucha + Pondělníci + more Praha 7, Cross Club Mucha + Pondělníci + more
Festival malých pivovarů 2021 Praha 6, Victory Square – Kulaťák Festival malých pivovarů 2021
Sf. Magdalena + Meteleska Praha 6, Klubovna Sf. Magdalena + Meteleska
Živelná noc: Trombenik + Meteleska + Ahoj Moře Praha 7, Cross Club Živelná noc: Trombenik + Meteleska + Ahoj Moře


Meteleska  Milovat  0 5 2:32 157 ×

About Meteleska

Meteleska band plays mostly music that the audience dance. Among the genres is very difficult to classify - music is a mixture of rock and World Music, Reggae too fast and hard to galumph little slow. Energy-energetic core group is a violinist and singer behind the microphone, his distinctive manifestation of the whole impression is stepping up, grab a winding solos and accompaniments that in addition to playing strings and picks. Metelesky powerful sound is a distinctive bass line, uncompromising drums, guitars and color developing female vocals that are happy to listen and to look. Meteleska is a band that is worth to experience live. – Translated by Automatic service


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