Morbidfest 2022: I Am Morbid + Belphegor + more

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Address ul. Porcelanowa 23, Katowice
Tags Metal, Death Metal
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David Vincent and his band are returning to Poland to present the album Blessed Are The Sick live in its entirety on the 30th anniversary of its release. Grave, Gruesome and Pyrexia will also appear on stage on the same night. Poland hasn’t seen such a condensed dose of classic death metal for a long time.

I Am Morbid is a project brought to life by the original frontman of Morbid Angel – David Vincent; its main goal is to continue the path taken by death metal giants in the mid-'80s. This time the band will come to Poland presenting one of the foundations of the genre – Blessed Are the Sick and classic Morbid Angel songs from the early albums. Grave, who will also perform this evening, is one of the most iconic Swedish death metal bands, playing under the leadership of Ola Lindgren for over 30 years. A real celebration for fans of early extreme metal will also be the performance of Gruesome, a tribute project to the band Death by musicians known from Possessed and Exhumed. It’s a faithful tribute to the foundations of death metal and a tribute to the first Death albums – the cult Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy. The last band in the lineup of this year’s Morbidfest is Pyrexia, playing brutal death in medium and fast tempos, bringing the best years of Dying Fetus and Suffocation to mind. The band is revered by fans of the American scene for their determination; despite their lack of commercial success – they have been active on the American scene almost uninterrupted for three decades.

Performing artists

Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal
Metal, Technical Death Metal, Blackended Death Metal


Belphegor  Necrodaemon Terrorsathan 2020  Belphegor – Necrodaemon Terrorsathan 2020 5:13 44 ×
Belphegor  Blackest Sabbath 1997  Belphegor – Blackest Sabbath 1997 6:12 39 ×
Hate  Resurgence  Hate – Resurgence 3:50 43 ×
Hate  Sovereign Sanctity  Hate – Sovereign Sanctity 6:37 26 ×

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