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Mud Walk  Friction/attraction  0 5 3:30 12 ×
Mud Walk  Sole Times  0 5 3:45 6 ×
Mud Walk  Barefoot Band (live)  0 5 3:42 6 ×
Mud Walk  Alaska (live)  0 5 6:08 2 ×
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About Mud Walk

The most readable inspiration from the island Götaland band is blues and the resulting 60's / 70's psychedelic rock. If you think of the Mud Walk and will only copy the proven history of water and you have nothing to get stuck in your head, the opposite is true. Most of the songs have catchy melodies that will not let you and you want to hear it again and again. Standard procedures besides multiplied vocals adorned with more pure blues element, which is the harmonica. – Translated by Automatic service


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