Najsłynniejsi mordercy-kanibale: Historia ludożerstwa

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Address ul. Bagatela 10, Warszawa
Doors 17:00
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Devouring members of one's own species is not an isolated phenomenon in nature. In the human world, it is taboo. A lecture in Worek Kości will provide an opportunity to learn about the history of cannibalism in various parts of the world, about rituals and… recipes. 
Religious and cultural cannibalism, funeral cannibalism and the acts of psychopathic criminals who murdered and ate their victims have one thing in common: they provoke curiosity and an attempt to understand and rationalise the shocking acts of cannibalism.

What were the delicacies of the cannibals in Fiji? Why did the Fore people and the Wari Indians eat their dead? What did the eunuchs expect after consuming the flesh of young men? Does ko ku, or giving a piece of your body to sick parents, save their lives? Four notorious German cannibals. Is there a black market offering human meat in China? Modern cannibalism as a path to fame. – Renata Kuryłowicz, the creator of Worek Kości (started in 2017) – will talk about all these topics. Long-time book publisher with experience of heading the editorial department of foreign prose (Prószyński i S-ka), non-fiction literature (Świat Książki) and running a publishing house as a co-owner (Wyd. Albatros). 
Art historian. A connoisseur of reportages on crime and criminology. Author of the blog and podcast Renata z Worka Kości. Writes and talks about the anthropology of death, crimes, executions and the true macabre. 
She has been published in the Polish edition of Playboy, in Mademoiselle Magazine, on Law Business Quality and and Elle Polska.

Event for adult guests only.

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