Obojętność, troska, wrogość… Jak reagujemy na kryzys na granicy?

Venue Streamed event
Address Polska
Tags Discussion
Entry Free

An online meeting in Polish which will analyse what the attitudes of Polish society towards the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border are and what they result from. The event will begin with a debate with the participation of people who look at the subject from an academic perspective, as well as those working to build a more open society. Representatives of various circles have been invited to take part in the discussion. They all share the conviction that a humanitarian solution to the current crisis is needed. In the second, workshop part of the meeting, it will be possible to reflect together on how to promote a perspective that recognises and takes into account the experiences and suffering of people crossing the border. The first part of the meeting will take place in parallel on the Zoom platform and will be broadcast live on Facebook. The second part will take place exclusively on Zoom. In order to participate on Zoom, it is necessary to fill in a short form and provide your email address, to which a link will be sent on the day of the event.

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