Olga Micińska: The Guild

Address Rynek Starego Miasta 30, Warszawa
Entry PLN 1
Event website www.muzeumwarszawy.pl…
Curator Karolina Ziębińska-Lewandowska

The exhibition The Guild is the story of a still non-existent guild of carpenters and joiners – women woodworkers. According to the tradition of wandering German guilds, which is still alive today, an apprentice, after completing his training, would set off on a journey, wandering from one order to another. Olga Micińska arranged the space of the Rynek 30 Gallery as a temporary stop on the route of the members of the imaginary Guild.

The artist uses her own sculptures-objects and objects selected from the collection of the Museum of Warsaw. She supplements them with photographs to stage a story about a female craft union. The shape that the workshop of the imaginary guild takes encourages us to change our way of thinking about the production of objects as the domain of male activities, associated with physical strength and hierarchy. In the union of female craftsmen established by the artist a utopian situation of fair division of labour, faith in the power of cooperation and aesthetic revaluation is realised.

Micińska uses seemingly simple objects such as a blanket, a transport crate, an underwear shirt or a nail polisher. She constructs a world in which there is also a place for respecting the body and physicality of the worker. The artist introduces fabrics into her installations. Delicate silks in airy journeymen’s clothing or woven fabrics are another important motif in her work.

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