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Past concerts

How Yes No + OTK + Cold Venus Revised Praha 7-Štvanice, Bike Jesus How Yes No + OTK + Cold Venus Revised
Vlčkovicefest 2022 Vlčkovice u Votic, Statek Vlčkovice U Votic Vlčkovicefest 2022
OTK + Tábor + more České Budějovice, Tempo OTK + Tábor + more
OTK + Tábor + more Velké Meziříčí, Rock Depo OTK + Tábor + more
OTK + Tábor + more Brno, Cabinet of the Muses OTK + Tábor + more
Děti deště + OTK Plzeň, Divadlo Pod lampou Děti deště + OTK


OTK  Lavina  0 5 4:42 392 ×
OTK  Krajina  0 5 4:08 237 ×
OTK  Uzel  0 5 5:47 148 ×
OTK  Vítání jara  0 5 9:52 174 ×

About OTK

OTK is a Czech band playing a mixture of alternatives, raw rock and noise. Founded in Prague in 1988, in its beginnings the band was both personally and musically close to Tata Bojs, with whom they regularly held annual concerts. During its tenure, OTK released four albums, numerous compilations and also a remix album of the song Klan. OTK is artistically spearheaded by Ondřej Ježek, who also produces his own music independently. The band is one of the main pillars of the label Silver Rocket and often performs at events and mini-festivals organized by this label.


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