Piękni czterdziestoletni: Maja Ostaszewska

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Address ul. Jazdów 1, Warszawa
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Entry Free
Venue's website www.instytut-teatralny.pl

The next meeting of the Beautiful Forty-Year-Olds series will be hosted by actress Maja Ostaszewska. The cycle Beautiful Forty-Year-Olds consists of monthly meetings of Michał Smolis with the generation of artists entering the profession after the political transformation, with representatives of the generation whose achievements changed and are changing the face of Polish theater. The conversation with Maja Ostaszewska will take place in the theater hall of Theater Institute and will be broadcast on the website and in the official IT channels of social media.

The event will be open to the public and organized in accordance with IT's sanitary discipline. In view of the need to ensure the safety of all the guests of the Institute and the limited number of seats in the audience, the organizers kindly request you to download the invitations thoughtfully and to arrive a few minutes before the scheduled start of the performance to fill the COVID-19 contact form.

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