Portret osobisty, czyli bliskie spotkanie z... vol. 4

Venue Warsaw – various venues
Address Warszawa
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Portrait sessions by excellent photographers, photographic-theatrical meetings, an exhibition and films about portraitists – all this will take place as part of the fourth edition of the “Portret osobisty, czyli bliskie spotkanie z… vol. 4” project. This year, Zuza Krajewska, Michał Łuczak and the duo of Katarzyna Korzeniecka and Szymon Rogiński will stand in front of the lens and take unique portraits of people they have chosen. Anyone can be the hero of the session. In the second part of the project there will be time for talks and presentations of portraits during three open meetings of photographers with artists from the world of theatre and the culmination of the project – the exhibition and premiere of a film directed by Piotr Małecki devoted to the art of portraiture.

The project Portret osobisty, czyli bliskie spotkanie z… vol. 4 takes place at the junction of the art of photography and theatre. This is the fourth edition of this project, referring to the idea of the monodrama, as an intimate meeting between the artist and the audience, and at the same time a classical form of creating a photographic portrait, resulting from a meeting between the photographer and the photographed person. Each time it is a meeting aimed at stopping the image of the other person. Throwing off the ‘mask’ or remaining in it. A moment of shared intimacy that is here and now. Making the best portrait for each creator and his protagonist is a different story each time.

Personal portrait… is a proposal within the already known and loved series We are all Photographers. Today, at a time when thousands of photos are taken every second, the project aims to encourage people to slow down and focus on the person, capturing the personality of the portrayed, who they are or who the photographer sees in them. The project will include unique photo sessions by Zuza Krajewska, Michał Łuczak and the duo of Katarzyna Korzeniecka and Szymon Rogiński – recognised Polish artists. Each of them will meet and portray 7 selected people, including Warsaw residents (recruitment based on applications). The effect of the time spent will be portrait photos being an expression of the artists' individual style. After the session, the artists will meet their protagonists and the Warsaw public again at Teatr Powszechny. This will be an opportunity to hear stories about their working methods and their own way of portraying, and their interlocutors will be artists from the world of theatre.

While working on the project, films on the art of portraiture will be made by invited photographers. They will be made by Piotr Małecki – photographer, but also documentary film director. At the end of the project Personal portrait, or a close encounter with… vol. 4 all the photographs taken will be presented at an exhibition entitled. All the photographs taken will be presented at an exhibition entitled Personal portrait vol. 4 in the Institute of Photography Fort in Warsaw, and the Powszechny Theatre will host the premiere of Piotr Małecki’s films with the same title.

Dates of planned recruitment for sessions, photo shoots and meetings:

  • Michał Łuczak
  • Katarzyna Korzeniecka and Szymon Rogiński
  • Zuza Krajewska
    • recruitment for sessions: 9.08–22.08.2021
    • photo sessions: 28–4.09.2021
    • meeting: 21.09.2021, at 18.00 (Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw)

Participation rules for photo shoots are available at wszyscyjestesmyfotografami.pl.

Accompanying program

Warszawa, Jednostka 26/11 – 12/12/2021 Portret osobisty vol. 4

Past events

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