Portret osobisty: Rekrutacja do sesji z Zuzą Krajewską

Venue Streamed event
Address Polska
Entry Free

Recruitment for the next session under the project Personal Portrait, or Close Encounters with… vol. 4. This time you will be able to take part in sessions with Zuza Krajewska, for which 7 people will be selected by the photographer during the recruitment process. The recruitment process starts on August 9th and lasts until August 22nd.

Zuza Krajewska is one of the most recognizable photographers working in the world of fashion, advertising and art. Currently, she is also a new face in the field of directing, where she uses her workshop and excellent storytelling skills to create advertising spots that engage the viewer while presenting the product in a modern and attractive way. Krajewska is the creator of the images for Anja Rubik's bestselling educational project SexedPL and the author of the book Będzie dobrze (It Should Be OK), published as part of the Wrzesińska Collection (2018 edition), which she dedicated to "those who are tired of dividing Poland into two contrasting colors." A selection of works from the Imago series, realized at the Studzieniec Correctional Institution, was presented at Photo London (Future, Visions, 2016), and subsequently at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center (Golden Boundaries, 2017), Polnisches Institut Düsseldorf (Imago, 2018), Cokkie Snoei Gallery (Imago, 2019), as well as in numerous trade, lifestyle and fashion magazines, m. British Journal of Photography, Dazed & Confused, M Le Magazine du Monde, Vogue Italia, among others. For her author series Graceful (Goddesses) she was honored with the KTR Best of Craft 2019 award. Advertising clients include: CCC, Reserved, Zalando, Yope, Netflix, ING and Vogue Polska.

Rules for participation in photo sessions: 7 people selected by photographers during the preceding recruitment process will be invited to participate in each session. A complete application should include a photo portrait or personal self-portrait showing the applicant (the portrait can be taken by yourself or a third party), your phone number, and a written response to one of two questions (you can answer both):

  • Why do you want to participate in this project and stand in front of the lens of a particular photographer, photographer or duo?
  • What does the phrase "personal portrait" mean to you?

You can apply in several ways:.

  • by email: send an email to "info@wszyscyjestesmyfotografami.pl":mailto:info@wszyscyjestesmyfotografami.pl with the subject Personal Portrait NAME [PHOTOGRAPHER, PHOTOGRAPHER, DUO]. Organizers ask to include answer to the question, attach photo and phone number,
  • in person: a print of the photo with the answer to the question and the phone number (on the back or on a separate sheet in a shared envelope) can be sent to the address: Powiększenie Foundation, Zwycięzców 42/42, 03-938 Warsaw. The application must reach the Organizer by the recruitment deadline,
  • on instagram: by adding during the recruitment process a photo with the hashtags: by adding a photo on instagram with hashtags #portraitperson4 #name according to formula: #zuzakrajewska, #michalluczak, #korzenieckaroginski

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