Project Space Festival 2022

Venue Berlin – various venues
Address Berlin
Tags Multigenre, Art and design, Projekträume

From August 01, 2022 to August 31, 2022 the project Space Festival will take place. There will be events at various locations dedicated to the independent visual arts scene and advocating for project spaces within the city of Berlin.

It takes time to get to know the city of project spaces. The imminent demolition of a building, a contested urban space, or the need to create places for communal regeneration away from institutional expectations move artists and curators in Berlin to find new ways and forms of coming together in their diverse communities. The Project Space Festival takes its time and invites for one month to 31 events of project spaces and initiatives of the independent visual arts scene. Places where important free spaces for diverse, artistic and curatorial action emerge. Places that emerge from deviations and differences, from experimental extensions and overlaps, or from a break with the existing public space.

More information about the exact program and events can be found here.

Past events

Berlin, Neun Kelche Barbora Zentková, Julia Gryboś: Teabags on Eyelids

More events in venue

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