Royal Bodies

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Jadwiga Sawicka's works most often lead astray. They discreetly disturb the sacred peace and undermine the pleasure of self-confidence and personal judgment. In her new series of works, the artist takes an even closer look at the collective desire to escape from self-knowledge and freedom in favor of comfort and safety Vision of Zero Anxiety. The black-painted messages that characterize her work come from the depths of the media unconscious. Devoid of authorship and personal responsibility, the mindlessly reproduced slogans refer to the feminine: priestesses, serfs, slaves, warriors, sisters. The artist sets the texts on pastel, fleshy textured backgrounds. By some invisible authority of the Eye of God, Finger of God, a single, formless - when without norms - Woman's Body is assigned to alien, generic roles. It must identify itself with them so well that it desires them, does not allow any otherness in itself, and if it appears, fights it in the bud. Therefore, as the messages suggest - mistresses love the system, warriors fight to preserve tradition, slaves are in the power of comfort, and sisters bond with the exclamation point. The suppression and suppression of other identities and emotions becomes the guarantor of both individual Wealth and social order. But for how long? The corporeal background matter seems to gently vibrate and live despite the stigma of media providence. Equally impersonal and typological are the painterly representations of clothing: jackets, bras, pants. The artist juxtaposes them on a fleshy background with clippings from fashion magazines and slogans referring to the desire for comfort and happiness. Again, it is unclear who is sending these messages to whom. And yet, though the clothes are clumsy and ill-fitting, for their promise of Warmth and Goodness they become an imperceptible second skin.

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