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Address ul. Purkyniego 1, Wrocław
Tags Traditional folk, Metal, Rock, Symphonic Metal, Folk Rock, Polish Folk Music, Folk Metal, Power Folk Metal, Avant-folk
Entry PLN 50–65
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It will be a concert on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of Cronica and Runik bands, which will be honored by guests – Radogost and Żywiołak bands.

Cronica is a folk metal band founded in 2014. Their music is a peculiar mixture of different styles that characterize particular regions. Cronica is seven people bringing their individual feelings of folklore to the band, so the music we create is not typical and often juxtaposes very diverse varieties of melodies derived from folk traditions. The band combines heavy guitar sounds with instruments reflecting the atmosphere of medieval ballads, sailing songs, novels, stories, legends and other folk songs. They do not circulate only around one genre, which is folk. Runika – a Warsaw-based band with a charismatic female vocal, playing folk inspired melodies in a strong metal setting. On stage, he combines mysticism with the energy of four elements, bringing listeners to the times of epic battles, lush feasts by the buyable fire, mysteries enchanted in statues and unusual creatures hiding in the forest backwoods. The Radogost formation from Cieszyn Silesia, whose name derives from the name of one of the Slavic gods. The group was formed in 2006 and plays energetic metal music with folk elements, strongly rooted in the Slavic tradition. In the texts Radogost refers to Slavic legends, myths, legends, legends and beliefs, cultivating the traditions of peoples living in areas such as old Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Żywiołak is a band combining such genres as folk, heavy-folk, metal, biometal, folk metal, hard-folk, or ambient. The performers themselves suggest to describe their music as “Polish neoludic music”, because the inspiration for creating the text layer Żywiołak draws from pre-Christian rituals, legends and legends.

Performing artists

Metal, Folk Metal
Metal, Symphonic Metal, Power Folk Metal
Metal, Folk Metal
Traditional folk, Metal, Rock, Folk Rock, Polish Folk Music, Avant-folk


Cronica  Dla korzeni  Cronica – Dla korzeni 4:46 12 ×
Runika  Sabat  Runika – Sabat 5:23 132 ×
Radogost  Dziedzictwo  Radogost – Dziedzictwo 6:05 4 ×
Żywiołak  Dziadyga  Żywiołak – Dziadyga 5:04 33 ×

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