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Address ul. Pańska 3, Warszawa
Entry Free
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Curator Tomek Frycz, Marcin Wicha

Birthday exhibition of "Literature in the World". The exhibition presents a behind-the-scenes look at cover design and the selection of iconography for each issue of the monthly magazine. A number of illustrative exhibits help to explore the issue.

These include a collection of covers from 2010-2021, together with an extensive commentary that reveals certain assumptions about the techniques and practices of combining words with images in the magazine Literatura na Świecie. The installation On the Workshop asks questions about the meaning and significance of hand calligraphy in the age of mechanical and digital reproduction. The Rejection Snake revolves around the issue of the selection of illustrative material, or even more broadly: around the act of selection as the essence of the cover design of Literatura na Świecie. The Pack Paper is a composition where the authors' names have been given the shape of trademarks. Sheets of paper are given away completely gratis, which constitutes a voice for the commodification of literary creation. Or maybe it doesn't, but gift paper always comes in handy. A highlight of the exhibition is a small anthology of captions for photographs and graphics published in the monthly magazine. The work directs attention to the signature as an underestimated medium and technique of writing activity. It also points to the ambiguous relationship between literature and whaling. The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw plans to acquire modern fishing equipment for its collection.

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