Silent Spring

Address Schierker Str. 8, Berlin
Entry Free
Curator Lena Fließbach

The earth bears traces of humans everywhere: melting glaciers, dwindling biodiversity, but also artificial worlds and intelligences. Yet despite all our knowledge, humans can neither fully understand nor control nature and its complex regulatory mechanisms, nor can they predict the future.

Together with guest artists, the Berlin-based art group pilote contemporary explores the relationship between humans and the environment. The exhibition Silent Spring questions the Western assumption that humans and nature are two distinct and separate entities and focuses on the multiple connections and interrelationships.

Participating artists: Betty Böhm, Selket Chlupka, Dana Engfer, Catherine Evans, Kathrin Ganser, Carla Mercedes Hihn, Stefan Klein, Claire Laude, Josèfa Ntjam, Robert Zhao Renhui, Sarah Straßmann, Attilio Tono.

Past events

Berlin, Gallery at Körnerpark Exhibition Opening: Silent Spring

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