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About Stanislav Müller – Mirror Man

The Mirror Man is a long term, multimedia art project of Stanislav Muller.

It was founded in 1995. The following year he took place the first public entry of the Mirror Man in the real environment. In 1997, the of the Mirror Man presented in the thesis of Stanislav Muller at AAAD in Prague in the studio glass Prof. Vladimir Kopecky in the form of video installations. From 1996 to the present, all activities within the project documented on video, digital photography and other media, by Radka Mullerova.

The project of the Mirror Man is real (true, glass), mirror figure created for the purpose of assimilation - the inclusion of virtual characters that reflect real life environments to life. The Mirror Man character was created by incentives and spectacular effects of social phenomena that characterizes the overproduction of luxury.

Visualization, inspiration and materialization of light, as a source of art and life of man in society.

Needless to say, the Mirror Man not imitate any of comic characters. The Mirror Man naturally goes through different environments and situations is a real human, behaves naturally and trying to "blend in with the environment," fit.

In addition, unannounced, spontaneous performances the Mirror Man has collaborated with various artists

and he has appeared on many international exhibitions and art festivals throughout Europe

and elsewhere in the world, in the context of artistic, commercial and alternative activities.

Since 2012, the original the Mirror Man active in Japan.

The original mirrored overalls and suits since 1995, there are five variants, including various accessories. Each consisting of 2 to 5-thousand mirrored geometric surfaces of different shapes and sizes, covering the whole figure the Mirror Man.

The last fifth version of the Mirror Man visually based on the geometry of the "hexagon", which

occurs most frequently in nature / see. hexagon honeycomb, the stems of plants, crystals, rocks … /. This repeating shape in the surface at the same time allows bending movements in all directions. Hexagon - HEXAGON in a traditional Japanese culture used as a decorative element and ancestral symbols.

The current the Mirror Man (hexagon) contains 2,600 pieces of mirror strength 2mm overall suit weighs 25 kg without any additional "proprieties" / pilgrim stick, a farmer's hat, suitcase … /.

The project Mirror Man is after 2000 (especially after the performance at the Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Performance Design at the biggest world event that explores scenography area in its entirety - from the performing arts, through costume, lighting and sound design to a new stage design approaches such as site specific, applied scenography, street performances, a costume performance, and many others.), internationally active

in various forms, through other independent authors and imitators.


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