Szaweł Płóciennik: Piquetures of Religious Feelings

Address Rynek Starego Miasta 2, Warszawa
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Płóciennik's paintings are filled with "personae" and "heteras", hybridised giants. They look as if they have just been formed, transformed from geological forms and transformed into humanoid creatures. Their bodies are deformed, heavy, animal, and somehow disturbed or unfinished. From intuitive sketches and imaginings of the artist, through formal experiments with texture or painting matter, the bodily, physical tissue of these figures is created. However, the artist is not only interested in the superficiality of these half-human creatures. He is fascinated by Gustav Carl Jung's psychoanalysis, social masks and the inner, hidden self.a

The title of Szaweł Płóciennik's exhibition perversely refers to article 196 of the Polish Penal Code, on the crime of offence against religious feelings. In his latest works, there are also passion themes, Christ figures, and statues as if from monuments. By doing so, the artist refers to recent political and social events, street protests, which have annexed many symbols and figures traditionally belonging to the religious sphere. In this way, he criticises fanatical manifestations of religiosity, postulating not only freedom from religious bonds, but also from dying anthropocentrism. A look inside oneself, taking off the masks, reaching the true and original self.

Szaweł Płóciennik (b. 1987) – graduate of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, painter and performer, author of graphic novels. Founder of the Open Studio of Experiment "Chapel", curator of the project Beautiful Branch. Nominated for the Super Hiro award in the comics category in 2012, winner of the Grzegorz Kowalik award in the Nalepsze Dyplomy ASP Coming Out 2015 competition. Author of the cover of the album Izrael plays culture by the band Israel. Winner of the Creative Award of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship in 2018. Participant of the Coming Out – Best Diplomas of the ASP 2019 exhibition. Winner of the Entry 2019 initiative award.

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