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Volyně, Sál Na Nové Tata Bojs
Bratislava – Staré Mesto, Majestic Music Club Danube Music Day: Tata Bojs

Past concerts

Korzo Národní 2019: 30 let svobody Praha, Národní třída Korzo Národní 2019: 30 let svobody
Rock for People 2023 Hradec Králové – Věkoše, Park 360 Rock for People 2023
Studnice fest 2023 Hlinsko v Čechách, Areál Cihelka Studnice fest 2023
Lážo Plážo Fest 2023 Otrokovice, Štěrkoviště – Otrokovice Lážo Plážo Fest 2023
Slunovrat 2023 Opava, Opava – různá místa Slunovrat 2023
Slavnosti Břeclav 2023 Břeclav, Zámecký areál Břeclav Slavnosti Břeclav 2023


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About Tata Bojs

Tata Bojs is a Czech band that formed in 1988. The founding members are Mardoša and Milan Cais, and the other permanent members are Vladimír Bár, Dušan Neuwerth, and Jiří Hradil. They won four Angel Awards in 2004.

The idea to form the band came from Milan Cais (drums) and Marek Huňát (aka Mardoša; bass) who were classmates in Prague. Mark Padevěta, who played guitar, sang and later played the clarinet joined the group. Their first live show took place on 29 June 1988 at the TJ Spartak Dejvice gym. The day after the performance, they got their last report card for elementary school. Thus began the career playing in and outside Prague music clubs. They went from musicians with a young sound to the clubs' main attraction. The audience was particularly fond of Mardos, who spent time with the audience telling original jokes.

In 2004, they released their most successful album Nanoalbum. The entire album tells a story which is described in more detail in Mardos' book entitled Nanobook, which received the third prize in the Minister of Culture.

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