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ProART Festival 2023 Olomouc
Ludwig B. – Immortal Beloved – Bez doteku
Contemporary dance,
Rozhovory s útěkem
Nebezpečné vztahy
New Positions in British Painting

Venue description

The building of the Telegraph Gallery was built in 1908. Originally it was a telephone and telegraph factory. The dominant feature of the Telegraph Gallery is an exhibition space of 350 m2 on the ground floor of the building. In the gallery will be presented, in regular cycles under the leadership of renowned curators, Czech and foreign art of the last three decades. Workshops or art courses will be part of the regular Telegraph Gallery program. In the Telegraph building will be possible to find a non-commercial gallery of contemporary art, a residential art studio, a coworking space (Telegraph Hub), a Telegraph Cafe, workshop rooms and Telegraph Lounge.

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