The Novorodkens

Reggae, Contemporary folk, Punk, Disco, Ska Poland…
S The Novorodkens

Past concerts

Zacieralia 2022 Warszawa, Progresja Zacieralia 2022
Piątek 13-stego: The Novorodkens + Wowa Band + Muzyczka Warszawa, VooDoo Club Piątek 13-stego: The Novorodkens + Wowa Band + Muzyczka
Lej Mi Pół + support: The Novorodkens Poznań, Klub pod Minogą Lej Mi Pół + support: The Novorodkens
PRL Kontratakuje Elbląg, Mjazzga PRL Kontratakuje
Lej Mi Pół + Zenek + more Kraków, Klub Kwadrat Lej Mi Pół + Zenek + more
Zacieralia 2019 Warszawa, Progresja Zacieralia 2019


The Novorodkens  Wódka! (Pięć set plus)  The Novorodkens – Wódka! (Pięć set plus) 5:14 21 ×
The Novorodkens  Z poradnika młodego zielarza  The Novorodkens – Z poradnika młodego zielarza 3:07 9 ×
The Novorodkens  Czerwone i Bure  The Novorodkens – Czerwone i Bure 4:20 11 ×
The Novorodkens  Pieniążki (Dëtczi)  The Novorodkens – Pieniążki (Dëtczi) 3:27 5 ×
The Novorodkens  Latający Holender  The Novorodkens – Latający Holender 3:12 2 ×

About The Novorodkens

The Novorodkens is a project created "to cheer the hearts with unleavened entertainment" – it is a parody, a pastiche, a caricature, a "festive joke", a grotesque, an irony and a persiflage. It is a desperate blow towards the remains of anthraxes of enthusiasm, the tip of the power glowing in the depths of spiritually dimmed local communities. From the very beginning of its existence, the main assumption of the group was and still is the incorporation of the greatest possible number of performers focused on common experience supported by the consumption of spirits. The main criterion here is not instrumental and vocal skills, but stage presence and natural excitement about the repertoire, while keeping the basic rhythmic principles. The repertoire consists of more or less faithfully reproduced versions of world, national and regional hits with the addition of own compositions. Performances of the songs are usually marked by the consumption of products containing trace amounts of ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin.


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